Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Day 85 and we continue to wait!!!

So we are at day 85 for LOA (letter of approval) wait and it sucks!!! We still arn't sure when we should be seeing the LOA and then the TA but hopefully soon. We want to bring our June home! Her birthday was Friday December 11th so HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUNE!!! We got pie (not huge cake fans) and sang happy birthday for her. We also got the girls' room and the play rrom finished. White bunkbeds with a beach theme, as Jaili said " It's TOTALLY AWESOME!!"
Anywho, not much to update. Here are  few cute pictures though of Jaili girl and her baby sister. Oh and I was able to fix the red eye on June's photo. Check out her beautiful blue eyes.
Merry Christmas everyone!!!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

New photo's and updates

Today we received new updates and photo's of our daughter. She is not in the orphanage like her paperwork said but is actually in foster care with an elderly couple. Her foster mother is 65 years old (in the photo) and has been caring for her from the beginning. The update says that she is tall and thin. She is crawling and standing up with help. She has to hold things very close to her to be able to see them well, as for toys and such. She enjoys playing in the water, and it sounds like she eats quite well but has an upset stomach often. They also let us know that she won't drink water unless her foster mother puts sugar in it, YIKES, and that she sleeps with her foster mother every night. SOOO, I'm guessing she is going to not be very happy with us when we first get her. I'm not sure what to expect but am so happy that she is being taken care of so well. I'm assuming from the paperwork and her pictures that her vision is going to be pretty poor. As you can tell from the photo's she is very light. Her eyes ,I'm assuming, are going to be very light sensitive. They are actually blue (you can't tell in the photo's though) but the whites of her eyes are somewhat pink (at least that is what her update paperwork said) due to the lack of pigment. I'm beginning the process of trying to figure out what steps we should take to have her eyesight checked among other things. I'm nervous and excited about bringing her home. It's completely different than Jaili's adoption process. I know majority of it is me overanalyzing things like normal. I just figure there are going to be alot of things I can't prepare for so I'll get a head start on the things I can.
 I also worry about people teasing and staring at her, comparing her and Jaili and just in general raising her to be a strong, independent, intelligent woman. When you have to wait several months and just stare at your child's picture before you get to hold her you tend to obsess alot about things. I tend to think worst case scenario with everything. I know once we are home and in our routine it won't be a big deal. The important thing that I don't lose sight of is that God has meant for her to be our daughter. We love her already and it doesn't matter what worries or fears I have. It's not about me or any of us. It's about her and I know Shane, Jaili and I cannot wait to bring her home. 
Just as a side note: I wrote all of this late last night and was crazy tired and apparently in MAY DAY mode. I know you parents of children with albinism are reading this and laughing ( I totally appreciate that : )  )  So now that I'm awake and thinking right...I need to add that We are so excited for our beautiful baby girl. I'm not wigged out about the sight thing anymore. Just can't wait to get to hold and play with and love on our new daughter
And off the topic, the name may be changing yet again...We arn't sure if she's an Eliana.

Monday, October 19, 2009


 This is totally off of the subject of our blog but we are needing prayers. My mom has Crohn's disease and has been in the hospital now for  4 days and still no improvement. They are continuing to run tests, I believe it's a small bowel follow through today to figure out exactly where all the pain is coming from. She has a narrowing of her small bowel, which with Crohn's is not uncommon, but she is not able to tolerate any food except drinks of water and a little tea. She is on high doses of steroids and pain med's plus a litany of other things. We know that she is having a pretty bad flare, but they are also trying to figure out if it's ulcers also and if the amount of scar tissue in her small bowel is causing the pain. Her doctor is confused at the moment as to why the pain is not better yet. Anywho, if you could be sending prayers her way that would be awesome. For more info on Crohn's disease you can visit http://www.ccfa.org/info/about/crohns .
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR PRAYERS!! My mom is out of the hospital. She has a long road ahead of her but she is doing so much better.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Thank you!

Shane and I would like to thank everyone for attending our fundraiser on Saturday. It was fantastic and thanks to all of your support. We are one step closer to bringing baby home. We made about $3000.00 profit from the fundraiser, so yea! It still leaves about $11,000 left to pay for her adoption and travel expenses but Shane and I know that this is God's path and He will provide. Everytime I start to worry about the money, I just look at her face and know that She is the daughter God has planned for us. Today I read an amazing blog about how God provides when you are walking his path. I realized that there are very few people that truly can afford adoption. Not many have all the money in the bank, yet so many orphans are adopted and that's because God hears the orphans cry. This weekend as I was thinking about how we are getting it all together, God just laid a peace on my heart that it's not about me or Shane or Jaili, it's about Eliana (yes, we changed her name). It's not about us getting a daughter or a sister, it's about Eliana getting a loving family, finally having a mother, father and sister that will love her with all that they have. In faith Shane and I are following His path and I know that in that faith He will provide. Through Him all things are possible, I can't say that there isn't a small amount of worry still there but it doesn't drive me everyday. Anywho, just wanted to say again THANK YOU so much to everyone that continues to support our adoption prayerfully and financially. It amazes me to see how people will step out to help eachother. I can't find the words adequate enough to say how thankful we truly are to all of you. We are eternally grateful.
Oh and on another note we changed her name. I just wasn't bonding with the name June. We wanted a name that reflects sunshine and happiness becuase that's what I feel when I think of her so we have picked Eliana Tian (Eliana means daughter of the sun, or God has answered in hebrew) and it's a portuguese name for Shane's side of the family and Tian means sky or heaven in Chinese.
I don't have any fundraiser pictures on the computer yet, but will post when I get them. Thought I'd put up a photo of our jailibird for now. : )

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Benefit for June!!

Just wanted to remind everyone about our fundraiser we are having to bring June home.
It is SATURDAY OCT 10th @ 7pm. (This saturday : ) )
Dancing, wine, silent auction and raffle
Held at the Salem Center 50+ on Portland Rd.
$10pp (Open invitation)
I'm super excited and nervous about it. It is a big thing that we've put together, now we just need to people to show up!
Thank you to all who have helped us with this. To everyone who has donated time, services and things for the auction. Huge thank you to Deb Seeck (Mz.Jitterbug) and Bodhichitta Winery! You all are awesome!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Jaili girl and baby sister

Everything has been coming along great, although I found out that Shane and I have to do a supplement to our I-800 form (the form that the you have to fill out for the US government to give approval for the adoption and bringing her home) anywho, since on our original approval it doesn't specifically state albinism as a special need we are approved for, we have to send in an addendum and pay $340.00 so they can add the word albinism on it. GRRRR, I was so irritated about this. We wrote on our approval...special needs including, but not limited to, and then we named a bunch of special needs, but crazy enough leaving off albinism. I just thought that since we were open to so many different types of needs we didn't need to list every single one of them, the phrase including, but not limited to, would cover that. I was wrong. So , that's my rant for the day. But whatcha gonna do?? If it's another $340 to bring June home than so be it. On another note, Jaili girl is pretty excited about baby sister, I get asked almost everyday "when we are going to go get her?" but I can also see that it is going to be a bit of an adjustment when she comes home. Jaili bird already has told Shane and I that she is feeling frustrated because we talk about baby sister too much. Then today at Shane's work, she saw that he had June's referral picture up and said "Daddy, why do you have her picture up here?" which Shane said because she's part of our family and I have yours and mommy's picture up to. So needless to say we are going to have to remember to make a HUGE effort to help Jaili girl feel included on everything for baby sister. I am excited to watch their bond grow though after we are all home as a family. I feel enormously blessed to have such a wonderful family and I have to wonder sometime what Shane and I did do deserve 2 beautiful daughters. Jaili girl is just the light of our lives and I can't wait to bring our next little light home to love her and give her HER family. I do honestly worry sometimes about her eyesight when we get home, if she is legally blind, the changes we will make, raising her to be an independent woman, all that stuff that goes with it. I worry about sibling rivalry with bird and June bug as they get older ( Jaili being able to get tan, June not so much, etc...) but then I realize it's not about me or Shane, it's about our daughters and that God has blessed Shane and I with the opportunity to love and guide such wonderful pieces of heaven. I have to rest in knowing through him there is peace.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Thought I'd post one more picture

We had one more picture that I thought I'd post of June. Yes, she completely looks like a boy in this one and WOW gotta love the 5 layers of clothes... Even with that thought she is still BEAUTIFUL! Just like her sister : )

Monday, September 21, 2009

Announcing our newest daughter!!!

I spoke too soon with my last post. We are proud to announce the referral of our next daughter Fu Yan Yang soon to be June Skye. She is currently in Fuzhou city in the Fuzhou SWI. Her birthday is December 11th which happens to be the anniversary of the day we got our Jaili girl. She is 9 months old and is beautiful. She has blonde hair and blue (we think, not positive though) eyes, no I'm not kidding she has albinism. Shane, Jaili and I are so excited. We were not expecting her referral so it was a bit of a shock. I actually saw a post about her on another forum that someone from another agency posted. I was on a forum that I don't usually check and on a Saturday am which I never check on sites on the weekends. The post said that on the shared list that just came out there was a 9 month old baby girl with albinism that had not been matched to a family and that her agency had all of her info and her picture (along with 10 other kids off of the shared list)I immediatly emailed Holt on Sat am to ask about her file. They were fantastic and looked on the shared list right away for us.They let me know that another agency had locked her file but they would keep checking to see if her file became available on Sunday night when the lock would go off from the other agency. I thought there was no way her file was going to become unlocked so we put it out of our brains and went about our weekend. Fast forward to Monday morning and I had an email from Holt from Sunday night that said her file was unlocked and they locked it for us. We were emailed her info today and 10:30am and sent Holt our LOI (letter of intent) this evening. Crazy round about way to find out about our daughter but when God has her meant for us, she will get to us. Shane and I knew immediatly that this is the second daughter God has intended for us. We are so excited and all of us can't wait to bring her home.I'll post more news as we get it and also information about albinism so everyone can understand it better. I know we will be getting alot of questions. There is actually a wonderful site www.albinism.org to learn more about it. Take Care everyone.

Friday, September 18, 2009

No match this month

Just thought I'd update and let everyone know that we weren't matched this time around. The CCAA (Chinese center for adoption affairs) sent out a smaller list with mostly older children and children with severe special needs on it and they didn't release one with alot of minor special needs or younger children on it. Hopefully next month will be our month to finally see our next baby girl. Who knows, it's all in God's timing. It's unnerving to know that she is born and out there yet we have no idea who or where in China she is. I get anxious about her referral. I just want to see her little face : ) I know all you other adoptive mom's reading this know EXACTLY what I mean. It can be a difficult process because there are not alot of definites, you just go with the flow...but isn't that the way with many things in life? Anywho, God's timing is perfect and we are excited for the time when our next one will join our family. Our faith keeps growing and we have more time to save money so there are some positives about waiting. Have a great day everyone and keep praying for all the kiddos to find their forever families.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Everything is going awesome

No significant news to update as of yet. We are getting everything ready for our fundraiser and it's been going fantastic. I sent out invitations today to everyone I have addresses for. It is open invitation though so you don't need one to attend. Just as an update it will be a Dancing, silent auction and wine tasting event held at the 50+ Center on Portland Rd. $10 min donation per person.
So as for a referral we are still anxiously awaiting it. The shared list is rumored to come out this week sometime so maybe we will see the face of our little June Bug soon. Yea!!! I'm slightly obsessed about it right now. I check all the different forums and sites that I know to see if any one else has received a referral from the shared list so that way I know it has at least come out and we weren't matched as of yet. With Jaili girl is was completely different. They didn't do the shared list at that time so when Shane and I got her referral it was a total surprise. I have to say in my opinion this way is more nerve wracking. I have the phone with me at all times just waiting for "the call".Consequently every time the phone rings my immediate response is RUN to go get it, it might be for our next baby. Shane is awesome about keeping me calm and grounded though, I might be a complete basket case if it wasn't for him. He is just chill about the whole thing.
Anywho, just thought I'd keep everyone updated.
Oh yea if this post doesn't make an enormous amount of sense today...sorry..I'm sick and my brain is not exactly functioning on all cylinders today.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Few pictures of birdy

Bird and her daddy. I was wanting to get one of all three of us for the DTC post but I haven't taken one in the last 30 days...so I just put up three seperate ones.

Our Sweet Pea

Check out the pink hair...sweet! You can't see it very well, but her bangs are pink and she has 2 blue streaks on the underneath on the sides...the benefits of mom being a hairstylist. Bird and I have the same color. She picked it out for us : )

We are DTC!!!

As of 8.28.09 we are DTC (Dossier to China)!!! This means not only are we done with the 6 months worth of paperwork that we have been working on but we are also "officially" awaiting the referral of our next baby girl. Huge sigh of relief on one hand and also a EEKK on the other. Shane, Jaili bird and I are so excited to finally get a referral and see the face of our next daughter/sister, reality has set in a little more of "Oh awesome, now we are going to need to come up with lots of $$$". (The sky is falling, the sky is falling : ) )I'm freaked and calm at the same time...I don't know how it's all going to happen but I do know that this is God's plan and He already has our daughter for us so He will make it all come together. It is a good feeling to have that peace, that He will see us through. Sometimes it would be nice if we could have a little more detail on how.
As for when we will get a referral, it all just depends. We could get a referral as soon as 2 weeks or it could be 6 months from now. We've had a few questions on how our daughter will come to us. We don't pick her out. Since we are doing the COP (child of Promise) route China releases a list of children once a month with various special needs and different ages. Our agency Holt then compares the parameters of the different parents to the age, special need, etc of the children that need families. When they have a child that meets what the parents have put on the application and special need form they "lock" the child's file. They then send all of this information to the potential parents. At this time the parents review the information and decide if this is their child. You can have a doctor review all of the medical information also. If you decide to accept the referral you then send a letter of Intent (LOI) to China saying that yes this is the child that you are wanting to adopt (basically..there is other stuff that goes along with it to). If you decide to not accept the referral the child' file is "unlocked" and the file then is available for another agency to "lock". Nothing changes with the potential parents, you just stay waiting for the next referral. There are various reasons that files are not accepted (special need to severe, child is older). It is heartbreaking to deny a referral but you know the child that God has planned for you and what you can handle special needs wise. I believe that there can be a family for every child and God will guide you to your child and your child to you.
After you accept you send your LOI (letter of Intent) you then wait several months to get your LOA (letter of Approval) this is the letter that China sends to let you know that yes, you are approved to be the parents of this child. You then wait for TA (travel approval) time frames vary to receive this but I believe that it is usually around 10 weeks after you receive LOA. After you receive your TA you are set to go get your child. You will usually leave 3-4 weeks after you receive TA. The whole process from referral until actually getting to hold your child for the first time is about 6-7 months. With Jaili girl it took about 5 months, time frames have lengthened since then though (due to different paperwork and approvals...Hague convention). Shane and I have put several special needs that we are open to so we should get a referral relatively soon. Some of the special needs we have included are deaf, partial hearing loss, ear atresia, congenital heart defect, Hep B, missing or partial arm, leg, fingers, toes, webbed fingers, toes, albinism and few others. Both Shane and I are very open to various questions about different special needs because it is nothing to be ashamed of. So if anyone is curious about special needs adoption please feel free to email me any questions. The special needs can be very minor and correctable to more severe. It is also possible that like Jaili girl, we received her referral under the COP program, and after we got home found that she had seroconverted from Hep B and is healthy in every way (she has an amazing immune system, that kid is never sick...it's awesome)Anywho, this is about the time frame we are looking at. We are hoping for a referral before December and then travel by June or so. It's all God's timing though, so who knows.
On the subject of June, Jaili bird is pretty convinced that we are naming her June. Everytime I tell her " I don't know yet honey, we are going to wait and see" she tells me adamantly that "No Mommy, baby sister's name is June. I know that her name is June, I'm naming her that" (It's sad the way she is so shy about sharing her opinions :) ) So we may be getting a picture of our little June bug in a few months. We will see.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Almost DTC

On Wednesday of last week we turned in our last piece of paperwork to Holt before it can be sent to China. Huge sigh of relief. We are just waiting for all of our paperwork to be authenticated at the Chinese Embassy in San Francisco and then it's off to China with it. We should be DTC (dossier to China)the last week in August or the first week in September. Shane's birthday is on Sept 4th so that would be a great present for him.
On another note, the venue for our fundraiser has been changed. We are now having it at the 50+ Senior Center on Portland Rd. It was our first choice, so we are pretty excited. It will be a much better venue for the event. The Elks lodge was going to end up costing about $900 for us to rent because we had to use their food and they wouldn't provide any discounts for us, so we wouldn't end up making much if any money. Shane talked with the 50+ center yesterday and not only was the date available but they are also giving us a 20% discount to rent the space and 50% discount during the time we are there for set up. It was fantastic news for us, the building is lovely and floor for dancing is perfect there. We can also bring in our own food (fruit, crackers and cheese plates). Everything is coming along extremely well. We have had a few more donations for the silent auction. Felicity boutique and Eric John Photography are donating gift certificates for the silent auction and I've had a few clients volunteer to make baskets for a raffle too (organic breakfast basket, hair product etc basket).
We are so blessed and appreciative of everyone helping us with this. It's amazing to see how God works to make this all possible. I'll post more updates as we get them.

Friday, August 07, 2009

Adoption Cost info

We have received alot of questions lately about adopting a special needs child from China and about the adoption process in general. I thought I would go ahead a post what our experience has been with the adoption process in general and next week will post information on special needs adoption.
One of the first questions people ask is "Why is it so expensive". Here is the basic layout for cost of adoption with Holt International through China.
1. First you have the application fee which is $300.00 (Since Shane and I have already adopted once with Holt through China this fee was waived for us). At this point Holt reviews everything. lets you know that it is approved and sends you the China book and a whole lot of info to fill out.
2. The next fee is for the homestudy. It is between $2500.00-$2900.00 After your homestudy is approved you then pay the for your immigration paperwork with the US government and your dossier fee.
3. The immigration paperwork is $670 plus $160 to be fingerprinted federally. The dossier is the collection of paperwork that you have been gathering to send to China. This is what China will review before you can adopt. The dossier fee is $3000.00.
4. Along with the agency fees you also need to take into account the fees for ordering you birth and marriage certificates, having all of your documents certified at the state level and then authenticated. These fees are approx. $550.00 You also
need to add for any classes you need to take to meet the requirements Oregon has before adopting (which is 10 hours currently) This will be approx.$180.00
5. Once you have been matched with your child you will pay the adoption or country fee which for China is $11,360 (included in this amount is the mandatory donation to the orphanage of $5000)
6. The comes the travel expenses which can range depending on how many people are going, how long you stay, etc. We are estimating approx $8000-$10,000. You will be in China for approx. 17 days. The travel cost covers everything while you are there including in country flights between different provinces depending on where your child is.
7. After you are home you will pay a post placement fee between $1200-$1400.
8. You will then have to apply for readoption within the state of Oregon. This is not mandatory but will make it easier for your child. This is when your child will get an Oregon birth certificate. If you do it yourself the fee is approx $300.00. If you have a lawyer do it for you the fee is approx. $950.00
There are variations to the costs. For example you can get a fee reduction depending on the special needs of your child and since Shane and I are a returning family we got a fee reduction on our homestudy and dossier fee also.
So all total we are looking at approximately $24,680.00 from start to finish. There are various ways to help with this amount. For Jaili girl's adoption we saved, had generous donations from friends and family, received a grant from Show Hope for $3000.00 and took out a home equity loan for the rest. For baby #2 we don't have the option of the home equity loan this time so we are applying for all the grants we can, doing different fundraiser options, saving like crazy and have already had a few wonderful donations from friends and one of my clients. Shane and I would not be able to do this if we did not have the support of our family and friends helping us. Whether it's by having a tupperware party, donating things for the auction, donating money for the adoption fund or donating their time. It's the kindness of so many that allow Shane and I to bring our children home. Children that desperately need to have love, a home, siblings, family, parents. All the basic things that every child deserves but so many are denied in this world. If we can provide this love to even just a few it will make a huge difference not only in their lives but in ours and everyone these beautiful children touch. Shane and I have been enormously blessed to have had God choose us to build our family this way. Alot of times people say "oh how wonderful. Your kids are so lucky, so blessed" but it is Shane and I who are blessed and lucky to be able to share our lives with such truly amazing children, our children.
If you are considering opening your heart to one of the millions of children around the world that are in need of a loving home please contact Holt International. I have a link on the blog that will take you directly to their website.
Oh yea, that is our little bird on the cover of the Holt magazing in the picture : )

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Oh yea, you heard it right. I am officially a tupperware lady now. So for all of you that need fullfillment through tupperware :) email me and we will set up a party. It can be catalog or house. You can also look at this website
http://my2.tupperware.com/tup-html/G/grammygibs-welcome.html. You can't place orders on it but you can look and then email me your order. All of the proceeds from the orders will go directly to bringing our little one home. So schedule a party, support an awesome cause and get some free stuff for having a party. HUGE thank you to everyone who is helping us with our fundraising efforts.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fundraiser for Adoption

Shane and I are planning a fundraiser on Oct 10th to bring our next one home. Everything is coming together fantastically for it. We are a swing, social dance and silent auction. We will have a $10.00 minimum donation per person. We have been completely blessed with several things to get this up and going. A great dance instructor here in Salem, Debra Seeck, www.mzjitterbug.com, is going to provide complimentary swing lessons 1/2 hour before for everyone who doesn't have much dance experience. She is a wonderful teacher and will get everyone up and dancing in no time. Shane and I have been taking lessons with her since January and are dancing fools now. If she can teach Shane how to dance she can teach anyone. : ) She is also providing for the silent auction private dance lessons. We are excited about all the help she is providing for us. We have also been blessed with wine tasting at the fundraiser provided by Bodhichitta Winery, www.bodhichittawinery.com. This winery not only makes the best wines we have ever tasted but the have an amazing philosophy too. They donate 100% of their procedes to charitable causes. Mark Proden, bodhichitta's founder, is also donating $1.00 for every glass of wine sold at the Fundraiser. Shane and I are so thankful for everyone willing to give to help out with this. I am hoping to make this a yearly event, as I am planning on starting a non-profit organization to help defray some of the cost of adoption for families. It is just in the beginning stages right now but I hope to have it up and running within the next year.
For the silent auction people have also been awesome with helping us out. So far we have a weekend in Sunriver with golfing in Bend, acupuncture treatments, massage treatments, complete car detail, various baskets with all kinds of goodies, pottery barn interior decorating item, gift certificates for hair services, and are continuing to gather more. We are hoping some of the various business around town will be willing to donate gift certificates also.
I have also started a facebook account so you can keep updated there also. It is under Angel Moffitt. Anywho, I plan on updating the blog at least once a week now so stay posted for more details. If anyone has any suggestions, help, things to donate or advice please email me.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

bird at the beach

O.k., I know I am not technologically advanced so I am so excited, I just sent this picture from my phone! AWESOME!!!

Jaili Girl is Getting a Baby Sister

Yep, we have started the process for Jaili's baby sister. We are waiting for our 1-800a approval (paper from govt' that we are approved to bring in a foreign child for adoption...basically) and we are set to send all of our paperwork to China. Needless to say we are pretty excited! We are using Holt International again, as they are absolutly fantastic, and are in the COP (Child of Promise) program. The COP program is for children with special needs. Shane and I have put down several special needs so Holt told us we should be able to expect a referral for our next little one before December and then it is generally about 6 months after that we will travel to go get her.
Jaili is excited also but I do think she wants a baby brother a little more. We asked her the other day if she would like to get bunkbeds and share a room with baby sister and have slumber parties everynight? She told us that baby sister would be sleeping in our room most of the time when we bring her home so mommy and daddy should probably just share a room with her. Then she informed us that if we got her a baby brother though she would share a room with him. I said " No, we are getting a baby sister not a baby brother". She looks at me and goes " Oh in that case, she just better have her own room then." I laughed and said "Huh, yea we will see about that when we bring her home."
Jaili girl is such a tomboy(except for the constant dresses and skirts she wears) I think that she thinks a baby sister is going to be a little boring. She does read and sing songs to imaginary baby sister now so I'm hoping that's a good sign.
Shane and I are in the process of applying for several grants and we are going to be doing a swing dance/silent auction to help with the adoption expenses. I have also just started selling tupperware (oh yea, you heard it I am a tupperware lady)YIKES! I am so NOT a sales person but if this gets extra money to bring home our next daughter than I am all for it.
It seems like this one is a little harder than Jaili girls. It's a little more spendy (we are estimating about $24,000) and a little more paperwork. I get nervous sometimes wondering how it's all going to come together but Shane is my rock. He just reminds me that we both know that this is God's plan for us so He will provide a way. So it's a fantastic test in faith right now. I am very excited to see our next little one that God has blessed us with. OK and nervous too...2 kids yikes!
Anywho, I will start updating more often when we learn more info.
Here are a few new pictures of our little beauty.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Yes, I know I am terrible about updating.

I promise for those who follow our blog I will get better about updating...who wants to spend time on the computer when you have such an awesome little one cruising about.
Jaili is growing into quite the beautiful young lady. She is doing awesome. Shane and I have also added an imaginary baby sister to our family. She is the one that gets into most the trouble at home. Imaginary baby sister attends dance class and we take her every where with us (even so much as too take her potty at times). Sooo..we are figuring it is about that time to add a sibling for Jaili to our family. We have actually been talking about it for about a year now so I'm sure little bird heard that and decided to have her own baby sister. Hopefully in the near future you will be hearing about another little one in the family. We are waiting to see where God leads us in all of this.
Jaili has already begun to ask some questions about the nanny's and the orphanage, which I didn't expect this young, but she is very smart and perceptive. We are open about everything and show her pictures and she seems to understand it pretty well. The only thing residual that we have noticed is that at times she gets afraid that we will leave her... this is mostly at night and mostly just that mommy will leave. We constantly reassure her that she is with us forever and that we will never leave her.
Jaili girl is the light of our lives. She is growing so much and I look at her and think.."what happened to my baby?" Time goes by so fast.
She has a fantastic sense of humor and some great sarcasm, but then again would anyone expect less with Shane and I. She told me the other day that she couldn't finish her peanut butter and Jelly becuase she "had no mouth". I told her that was pretty interesting considering if must have just fallen off but she would have to find it and eat 3 more bites anyway.
Anywho, needless to say she is one AWESOME kid and I will try to update stuff more frequently.
Take care everyone,
Angel, Shane and Jaili