Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Everything is going awesome

No significant news to update as of yet. We are getting everything ready for our fundraiser and it's been going fantastic. I sent out invitations today to everyone I have addresses for. It is open invitation though so you don't need one to attend. Just as an update it will be a Dancing, silent auction and wine tasting event held at the 50+ Center on Portland Rd. $10 min donation per person.
So as for a referral we are still anxiously awaiting it. The shared list is rumored to come out this week sometime so maybe we will see the face of our little June Bug soon. Yea!!! I'm slightly obsessed about it right now. I check all the different forums and sites that I know to see if any one else has received a referral from the shared list so that way I know it has at least come out and we weren't matched as of yet. With Jaili girl is was completely different. They didn't do the shared list at that time so when Shane and I got her referral it was a total surprise. I have to say in my opinion this way is more nerve wracking. I have the phone with me at all times just waiting for "the call".Consequently every time the phone rings my immediate response is RUN to go get it, it might be for our next baby. Shane is awesome about keeping me calm and grounded though, I might be a complete basket case if it wasn't for him. He is just chill about the whole thing.
Anywho, just thought I'd keep everyone updated.
Oh yea if this post doesn't make an enormous amount of sense today...sorry..I'm sick and my brain is not exactly functioning on all cylinders today.

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