Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Day 85 and we continue to wait!!!

So we are at day 85 for LOA (letter of approval) wait and it sucks!!! We still arn't sure when we should be seeing the LOA and then the TA but hopefully soon. We want to bring our June home! Her birthday was Friday December 11th so HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUNE!!! We got pie (not huge cake fans) and sang happy birthday for her. We also got the girls' room and the play rrom finished. White bunkbeds with a beach theme, as Jaili said " It's TOTALLY AWESOME!!"
Anywho, not much to update. Here are  few cute pictures though of Jaili girl and her baby sister. Oh and I was able to fix the red eye on June's photo. Check out her beautiful blue eyes.
Merry Christmas everyone!!!!