Thursday, September 28, 2006

Jaili's Room is done (almost)

After 2 years of working on our daughter's room it is finally done (except for small things, Changing pad, a few organizers, etc). I started the painting about 2 years ago when we moved into our house. We knew that it was going to be our child's room when we finally had them and since we didn't know at that time whether we were going to have a daughter or son first, I decided to go with an underwater scene so it would work with either. Whenever I had extra time I would paint a new fish on the wall. A couple of friends also contributed which was fantastic. After our dossier went to China I started to make the room look more girly. Then when we received Jaili's referral I went into overdrive. I love to paint and decorate so I decided to make it into a beach girl theme instead of just underwater sea creatures. I found the bedding on line that I wanted but it was about $150.00. I knew I could find a better deal so I started stalking Ross Dress for less in search of the things I need and after 2 months of going every Wednesday I found it! It was an amazing deal which I got for about $100.00 less than just the original bedding set that I was looking at. I got the comforter, body pillow and curtains all or about $50 YEAH! Anywho, needless to sayI am so excited that her room is totally ready for her. Now all we need is her referral!! Come on TA. Jaili girl needs to come home.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

First Baby Shower for Jaili

On Sept 9th one of our closest friends (and Jaili's auntie) Meg threw us our first baby shower and it turned out awesome. Meg is the best!!! She and her husband Paul set us up completely with diaper goodies, an ergo carrier and so much more. We had a great turn out and Shane and I are so thankful for everyone that came! Jaili already has so many people that love her. Our niece's Taylor and Anya and our nephew Logan were fantastic helpers! Since Jaili wasn't there to open the presents her cousins did any amazing job of helping out. We couldn't have opened the presents with half as much of the enthusiasm that the kids could. Shane and I had been waiting for a baby shower for our baby for along time now and it was truly fantastic. Our sister-in-law Allison, Shane's mom and my mom are throwing us another shower on the 8th of Oct and we are pretty excited about that also. So thank you soooooo much everyone for your love and support. Shane and I are very grateful and appreciate you all so much. Take care everyone and we love you. Oh yea keep praying for a quick travel approval for us. Today is 61 days and we could get our travel approval anytime between now and 2 months from now!