Wednesday, February 24, 2010

NVC Letter is Here

 We got our National Visa Center letter on the mail on Saturday. I know it doesn't seem like much but NOW we can email the letter and our I-800 approval to Holt and they can send it to China to get started on our article 5 and then our Travel Approval. So YIPPEE, it came. I think I can officially be done stalking the mail man for awhile. We have our visa's, our letters, our I-800. Nothing else needs to be mailed now, at least I don't think so.Holt will get our info off to China on the 26th and then 2 weeks, abou,t after that for article 5 and then about another 3-4 weeks for travel approval. The count down is ON!

Oh on a side note,  I swear Jaili gets funnier every day. She told me I was "rockin the hizouse" the other day, so I looked at her and said "fo shizzel". Yea, we're totally street now....again hear my sarcasm on that one. She also informed me that "giganotosaurus's are quite the bird watchers even though they are carnivorous" I just started laughing and said "good to know, you should probably go tell daddy that also" She is LOVIN' the dinosaurs right now. Dinosaur train on PBS kids is a HUGE hit in our house. I'm not sure when our 4 year old turned 14 but most days it's pretty funny...other days a little bit of drama complete with the huge sighs and the eye rolls (love that) Thankfully that is not often. She's not a fan of standing on the no no wall.

That kid kicks butt, I'm excited to see the relationship that her and June will have. Although I'm sure there will be a bit of an adjustment period for awhile at first.  Anywho, post more when I have more info.
Take  Care,
Angel : )

Friday, February 12, 2010

Another step closer

So not much news to report but our I-800 was approved on 2/5/10! Now we are just waiting for the National Visa Center to cable it to Guangzhou( they received the our paperwork yesterday) then we need our letter from NVC. At that point Holt can send it overnight to China to wait for our Article 5 which will take around 2-3 weeks and after that we can get travel approval which should be another 2-4 weeks after Article 5 and FINALLY off to China. We are still estimating going the first part of May.
Jaili and I have had fun lately buying some clothes for baby sister. I've been getting lots of 12-18 months. I'm hoping that these will fit her (if not I have alot of things to take back..eeekkk!) She should be about 20 lbs when we get her. She is 18.74 lbs and 28" at this point so I plotted it on the growth chart and around 20 lbs is what it said. I'm going alittle on the smaller side just because when we got Jaili bird  she was MUCH smaller than we thought. We had to buy 3-6 months clothes for her @ 11 months old. She didn't get into 12 month clothes until she was about 19 months old. Watch June will suprise us though and be a chunky monkey and will surpass her sister in no time. : ) Anywho, that's the news of the day for us. I'll post more when I have new updates.