Monday, October 26, 2009

New photo's and updates

Today we received new updates and photo's of our daughter. She is not in the orphanage like her paperwork said but is actually in foster care with an elderly couple. Her foster mother is 65 years old (in the photo) and has been caring for her from the beginning. The update says that she is tall and thin. She is crawling and standing up with help. She has to hold things very close to her to be able to see them well, as for toys and such. She enjoys playing in the water, and it sounds like she eats quite well but has an upset stomach often. They also let us know that she won't drink water unless her foster mother puts sugar in it, YIKES, and that she sleeps with her foster mother every night. SOOO, I'm guessing she is going to not be very happy with us when we first get her. I'm not sure what to expect but am so happy that she is being taken care of so well. I'm assuming from the paperwork and her pictures that her vision is going to be pretty poor. As you can tell from the photo's she is very light. Her eyes ,I'm assuming, are going to be very light sensitive. They are actually blue (you can't tell in the photo's though) but the whites of her eyes are somewhat pink (at least that is what her update paperwork said) due to the lack of pigment. I'm beginning the process of trying to figure out what steps we should take to have her eyesight checked among other things. I'm nervous and excited about bringing her home. It's completely different than Jaili's adoption process. I know majority of it is me overanalyzing things like normal. I just figure there are going to be alot of things I can't prepare for so I'll get a head start on the things I can.
 I also worry about people teasing and staring at her, comparing her and Jaili and just in general raising her to be a strong, independent, intelligent woman. When you have to wait several months and just stare at your child's picture before you get to hold her you tend to obsess alot about things. I tend to think worst case scenario with everything. I know once we are home and in our routine it won't be a big deal. The important thing that I don't lose sight of is that God has meant for her to be our daughter. We love her already and it doesn't matter what worries or fears I have. It's not about me or any of us. It's about her and I know Shane, Jaili and I cannot wait to bring her home. 
Just as a side note: I wrote all of this late last night and was crazy tired and apparently in MAY DAY mode. I know you parents of children with albinism are reading this and laughing ( I totally appreciate that : )  )  So now that I'm awake and thinking right...I need to add that We are so excited for our beautiful baby girl. I'm not wigged out about the sight thing anymore. Just can't wait to get to hold and play with and love on our new daughter
And off the topic, the name may be changing yet again...We arn't sure if she's an Eliana.

Monday, October 19, 2009


 This is totally off of the subject of our blog but we are needing prayers. My mom has Crohn's disease and has been in the hospital now for  4 days and still no improvement. They are continuing to run tests, I believe it's a small bowel follow through today to figure out exactly where all the pain is coming from. She has a narrowing of her small bowel, which with Crohn's is not uncommon, but she is not able to tolerate any food except drinks of water and a little tea. She is on high doses of steroids and pain med's plus a litany of other things. We know that she is having a pretty bad flare, but they are also trying to figure out if it's ulcers also and if the amount of scar tissue in her small bowel is causing the pain. Her doctor is confused at the moment as to why the pain is not better yet. Anywho, if you could be sending prayers her way that would be awesome. For more info on Crohn's disease you can visit .
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR PRAYERS!! My mom is out of the hospital. She has a long road ahead of her but she is doing so much better.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Thank you!

Shane and I would like to thank everyone for attending our fundraiser on Saturday. It was fantastic and thanks to all of your support. We are one step closer to bringing baby home. We made about $3000.00 profit from the fundraiser, so yea! It still leaves about $11,000 left to pay for her adoption and travel expenses but Shane and I know that this is God's path and He will provide. Everytime I start to worry about the money, I just look at her face and know that She is the daughter God has planned for us. Today I read an amazing blog about how God provides when you are walking his path. I realized that there are very few people that truly can afford adoption. Not many have all the money in the bank, yet so many orphans are adopted and that's because God hears the orphans cry. This weekend as I was thinking about how we are getting it all together, God just laid a peace on my heart that it's not about me or Shane or Jaili, it's about Eliana (yes, we changed her name). It's not about us getting a daughter or a sister, it's about Eliana getting a loving family, finally having a mother, father and sister that will love her with all that they have. In faith Shane and I are following His path and I know that in that faith He will provide. Through Him all things are possible, I can't say that there isn't a small amount of worry still there but it doesn't drive me everyday. Anywho, just wanted to say again THANK YOU so much to everyone that continues to support our adoption prayerfully and financially. It amazes me to see how people will step out to help eachother. I can't find the words adequate enough to say how thankful we truly are to all of you. We are eternally grateful.
Oh and on another note we changed her name. I just wasn't bonding with the name June. We wanted a name that reflects sunshine and happiness becuase that's what I feel when I think of her so we have picked Eliana Tian (Eliana means daughter of the sun, or God has answered in hebrew) and it's a portuguese name for Shane's side of the family and Tian means sky or heaven in Chinese.
I don't have any fundraiser pictures on the computer yet, but will post when I get them. Thought I'd put up a photo of our jailibird for now. : )

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Benefit for June!!

Just wanted to remind everyone about our fundraiser we are having to bring June home.
It is SATURDAY OCT 10th @ 7pm. (This saturday : ) )
Dancing, wine, silent auction and raffle
Held at the Salem Center 50+ on Portland Rd.
$10pp (Open invitation)
I'm super excited and nervous about it. It is a big thing that we've put together, now we just need to people to show up!
Thank you to all who have helped us with this. To everyone who has donated time, services and things for the auction. Huge thank you to Deb Seeck (Mz.Jitterbug) and Bodhichitta Winery! You all are awesome!!