Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Jaili girl and baby sister

Everything has been coming along great, although I found out that Shane and I have to do a supplement to our I-800 form (the form that the you have to fill out for the US government to give approval for the adoption and bringing her home) anywho, since on our original approval it doesn't specifically state albinism as a special need we are approved for, we have to send in an addendum and pay $340.00 so they can add the word albinism on it. GRRRR, I was so irritated about this. We wrote on our approval...special needs including, but not limited to, and then we named a bunch of special needs, but crazy enough leaving off albinism. I just thought that since we were open to so many different types of needs we didn't need to list every single one of them, the phrase including, but not limited to, would cover that. I was wrong. So , that's my rant for the day. But whatcha gonna do?? If it's another $340 to bring June home than so be it. On another note, Jaili girl is pretty excited about baby sister, I get asked almost everyday "when we are going to go get her?" but I can also see that it is going to be a bit of an adjustment when she comes home. Jaili bird already has told Shane and I that she is feeling frustrated because we talk about baby sister too much. Then today at Shane's work, she saw that he had June's referral picture up and said "Daddy, why do you have her picture up here?" which Shane said because she's part of our family and I have yours and mommy's picture up to. So needless to say we are going to have to remember to make a HUGE effort to help Jaili girl feel included on everything for baby sister. I am excited to watch their bond grow though after we are all home as a family. I feel enormously blessed to have such a wonderful family and I have to wonder sometime what Shane and I did do deserve 2 beautiful daughters. Jaili girl is just the light of our lives and I can't wait to bring our next little light home to love her and give her HER family. I do honestly worry sometimes about her eyesight when we get home, if she is legally blind, the changes we will make, raising her to be an independent woman, all that stuff that goes with it. I worry about sibling rivalry with bird and June bug as they get older ( Jaili being able to get tan, June not so much, etc...) but then I realize it's not about me or Shane, it's about our daughters and that God has blessed Shane and I with the opportunity to love and guide such wonderful pieces of heaven. I have to rest in knowing through him there is peace.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Thought I'd post one more picture

We had one more picture that I thought I'd post of June. Yes, she completely looks like a boy in this one and WOW gotta love the 5 layers of clothes... Even with that thought she is still BEAUTIFUL! Just like her sister : )

Monday, September 21, 2009

Announcing our newest daughter!!!

I spoke too soon with my last post. We are proud to announce the referral of our next daughter Fu Yan Yang soon to be June Skye. She is currently in Fuzhou city in the Fuzhou SWI. Her birthday is December 11th which happens to be the anniversary of the day we got our Jaili girl. She is 9 months old and is beautiful. She has blonde hair and blue (we think, not positive though) eyes, no I'm not kidding she has albinism. Shane, Jaili and I are so excited. We were not expecting her referral so it was a bit of a shock. I actually saw a post about her on another forum that someone from another agency posted. I was on a forum that I don't usually check and on a Saturday am which I never check on sites on the weekends. The post said that on the shared list that just came out there was a 9 month old baby girl with albinism that had not been matched to a family and that her agency had all of her info and her picture (along with 10 other kids off of the shared list)I immediatly emailed Holt on Sat am to ask about her file. They were fantastic and looked on the shared list right away for us.They let me know that another agency had locked her file but they would keep checking to see if her file became available on Sunday night when the lock would go off from the other agency. I thought there was no way her file was going to become unlocked so we put it out of our brains and went about our weekend. Fast forward to Monday morning and I had an email from Holt from Sunday night that said her file was unlocked and they locked it for us. We were emailed her info today and 10:30am and sent Holt our LOI (letter of intent) this evening. Crazy round about way to find out about our daughter but when God has her meant for us, she will get to us. Shane and I knew immediatly that this is the second daughter God has intended for us. We are so excited and all of us can't wait to bring her home.I'll post more news as we get it and also information about albinism so everyone can understand it better. I know we will be getting alot of questions. There is actually a wonderful site www.albinism.org to learn more about it. Take Care everyone.

Friday, September 18, 2009

No match this month

Just thought I'd update and let everyone know that we weren't matched this time around. The CCAA (Chinese center for adoption affairs) sent out a smaller list with mostly older children and children with severe special needs on it and they didn't release one with alot of minor special needs or younger children on it. Hopefully next month will be our month to finally see our next baby girl. Who knows, it's all in God's timing. It's unnerving to know that she is born and out there yet we have no idea who or where in China she is. I get anxious about her referral. I just want to see her little face : ) I know all you other adoptive mom's reading this know EXACTLY what I mean. It can be a difficult process because there are not alot of definites, you just go with the flow...but isn't that the way with many things in life? Anywho, God's timing is perfect and we are excited for the time when our next one will join our family. Our faith keeps growing and we have more time to save money so there are some positives about waiting. Have a great day everyone and keep praying for all the kiddos to find their forever families.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Everything is going awesome

No significant news to update as of yet. We are getting everything ready for our fundraiser and it's been going fantastic. I sent out invitations today to everyone I have addresses for. It is open invitation though so you don't need one to attend. Just as an update it will be a Dancing, silent auction and wine tasting event held at the 50+ Center on Portland Rd. $10 min donation per person.
So as for a referral we are still anxiously awaiting it. The shared list is rumored to come out this week sometime so maybe we will see the face of our little June Bug soon. Yea!!! I'm slightly obsessed about it right now. I check all the different forums and sites that I know to see if any one else has received a referral from the shared list so that way I know it has at least come out and we weren't matched as of yet. With Jaili girl is was completely different. They didn't do the shared list at that time so when Shane and I got her referral it was a total surprise. I have to say in my opinion this way is more nerve wracking. I have the phone with me at all times just waiting for "the call".Consequently every time the phone rings my immediate response is RUN to go get it, it might be for our next baby. Shane is awesome about keeping me calm and grounded though, I might be a complete basket case if it wasn't for him. He is just chill about the whole thing.
Anywho, just thought I'd keep everyone updated.
Oh yea if this post doesn't make an enormous amount of sense today...sorry..I'm sick and my brain is not exactly functioning on all cylinders today.