Friday, September 18, 2009

No match this month

Just thought I'd update and let everyone know that we weren't matched this time around. The CCAA (Chinese center for adoption affairs) sent out a smaller list with mostly older children and children with severe special needs on it and they didn't release one with alot of minor special needs or younger children on it. Hopefully next month will be our month to finally see our next baby girl. Who knows, it's all in God's timing. It's unnerving to know that she is born and out there yet we have no idea who or where in China she is. I get anxious about her referral. I just want to see her little face : ) I know all you other adoptive mom's reading this know EXACTLY what I mean. It can be a difficult process because there are not alot of definites, you just go with the flow...but isn't that the way with many things in life? Anywho, God's timing is perfect and we are excited for the time when our next one will join our family. Our faith keeps growing and we have more time to save money so there are some positives about waiting. Have a great day everyone and keep praying for all the kiddos to find their forever families.

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