Monday, September 21, 2009

Announcing our newest daughter!!!

I spoke too soon with my last post. We are proud to announce the referral of our next daughter Fu Yan Yang soon to be June Skye. She is currently in Fuzhou city in the Fuzhou SWI. Her birthday is December 11th which happens to be the anniversary of the day we got our Jaili girl. She is 9 months old and is beautiful. She has blonde hair and blue (we think, not positive though) eyes, no I'm not kidding she has albinism. Shane, Jaili and I are so excited. We were not expecting her referral so it was a bit of a shock. I actually saw a post about her on another forum that someone from another agency posted. I was on a forum that I don't usually check and on a Saturday am which I never check on sites on the weekends. The post said that on the shared list that just came out there was a 9 month old baby girl with albinism that had not been matched to a family and that her agency had all of her info and her picture (along with 10 other kids off of the shared list)I immediatly emailed Holt on Sat am to ask about her file. They were fantastic and looked on the shared list right away for us.They let me know that another agency had locked her file but they would keep checking to see if her file became available on Sunday night when the lock would go off from the other agency. I thought there was no way her file was going to become unlocked so we put it out of our brains and went about our weekend. Fast forward to Monday morning and I had an email from Holt from Sunday night that said her file was unlocked and they locked it for us. We were emailed her info today and 10:30am and sent Holt our LOI (letter of intent) this evening. Crazy round about way to find out about our daughter but when God has her meant for us, she will get to us. Shane and I knew immediatly that this is the second daughter God has intended for us. We are so excited and all of us can't wait to bring her home.I'll post more news as we get it and also information about albinism so everyone can understand it better. I know we will be getting alot of questions. There is actually a wonderful site to learn more about it. Take Care everyone.


Myya said...

What WONDERFUL WONDERFUL news!!! Congrats to mommy & daddy & of course big sister!!! XOXOXO

Shirlee McCoy said...


May I link to your blog? My daughter is also from China and was born with albinism. I try to put as many links to other alibnism families on my blog as I can.

Also, there are people on Rumor Queen who would love to have a link to your blog. There is a discussion there now about a baby boy with albinism. It might be encouraging to others to see how beautiful your daughter is.


tonya said...

Oh my goodness what a pretty pretty little baby girl.

tonya said...

Oh my goodness what a pretty pretty little baby girl.