Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fundraiser for Adoption

Shane and I are planning a fundraiser on Oct 10th to bring our next one home. Everything is coming together fantastically for it. We are a swing, social dance and silent auction. We will have a $10.00 minimum donation per person. We have been completely blessed with several things to get this up and going. A great dance instructor here in Salem, Debra Seeck,, is going to provide complimentary swing lessons 1/2 hour before for everyone who doesn't have much dance experience. She is a wonderful teacher and will get everyone up and dancing in no time. Shane and I have been taking lessons with her since January and are dancing fools now. If she can teach Shane how to dance she can teach anyone. : ) She is also providing for the silent auction private dance lessons. We are excited about all the help she is providing for us. We have also been blessed with wine tasting at the fundraiser provided by Bodhichitta Winery, This winery not only makes the best wines we have ever tasted but the have an amazing philosophy too. They donate 100% of their procedes to charitable causes. Mark Proden, bodhichitta's founder, is also donating $1.00 for every glass of wine sold at the Fundraiser. Shane and I are so thankful for everyone willing to give to help out with this. I am hoping to make this a yearly event, as I am planning on starting a non-profit organization to help defray some of the cost of adoption for families. It is just in the beginning stages right now but I hope to have it up and running within the next year.
For the silent auction people have also been awesome with helping us out. So far we have a weekend in Sunriver with golfing in Bend, acupuncture treatments, massage treatments, complete car detail, various baskets with all kinds of goodies, pottery barn interior decorating item, gift certificates for hair services, and are continuing to gather more. We are hoping some of the various business around town will be willing to donate gift certificates also.
I have also started a facebook account so you can keep updated there also. It is under Angel Moffitt. Anywho, I plan on updating the blog at least once a week now so stay posted for more details. If anyone has any suggestions, help, things to donate or advice please email me.

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