Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Jaili Girl is Getting a Baby Sister

Yep, we have started the process for Jaili's baby sister. We are waiting for our 1-800a approval (paper from govt' that we are approved to bring in a foreign child for adoption...basically) and we are set to send all of our paperwork to China. Needless to say we are pretty excited! We are using Holt International again, as they are absolutly fantastic, and are in the COP (Child of Promise) program. The COP program is for children with special needs. Shane and I have put down several special needs so Holt told us we should be able to expect a referral for our next little one before December and then it is generally about 6 months after that we will travel to go get her.
Jaili is excited also but I do think she wants a baby brother a little more. We asked her the other day if she would like to get bunkbeds and share a room with baby sister and have slumber parties everynight? She told us that baby sister would be sleeping in our room most of the time when we bring her home so mommy and daddy should probably just share a room with her. Then she informed us that if we got her a baby brother though she would share a room with him. I said " No, we are getting a baby sister not a baby brother". She looks at me and goes " Oh in that case, she just better have her own room then." I laughed and said "Huh, yea we will see about that when we bring her home."
Jaili girl is such a tomboy(except for the constant dresses and skirts she wears) I think that she thinks a baby sister is going to be a little boring. She does read and sing songs to imaginary baby sister now so I'm hoping that's a good sign.
Shane and I are in the process of applying for several grants and we are going to be doing a swing dance/silent auction to help with the adoption expenses. I have also just started selling tupperware (oh yea, you heard it I am a tupperware lady)YIKES! I am so NOT a sales person but if this gets extra money to bring home our next daughter than I am all for it.
It seems like this one is a little harder than Jaili girls. It's a little more spendy (we are estimating about $24,000) and a little more paperwork. I get nervous sometimes wondering how it's all going to come together but Shane is my rock. He just reminds me that we both know that this is God's plan for us so He will provide a way. So it's a fantastic test in faith right now. I am very excited to see our next little one that God has blessed us with. OK and nervous too...2 kids yikes!
Anywho, I will start updating more often when we learn more info.
Here are a few new pictures of our little beauty.


Anonymous said...

WOoohhoooo. I am so excited for you guys!!! You are such wonderful parents you will do great with 2. Love the new pics of Jaili girl. She is getting so grown up. Are you still doing hair? If so, give me a holler cause I need some help with mine. I tried to style it myself..yikes. hehehe. Becki.

Paul and Karin said...

Hi Guys!
I love your new blog! What a nice surprise. We're so excited for you both and to be going through it step by step along side of you for our daughter is extra special. This is an incredible journey, isn't it!!!
We are here for you in thoughts and prayers and tons more! We love you!!!


Yoli said...

She is adorable! Congratulations on your decision to adopt again. We have a girl who wanted a baby brother badly as well.