Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Yes, I know I am terrible about updating.

I promise for those who follow our blog I will get better about updating...who wants to spend time on the computer when you have such an awesome little one cruising about.
Jaili is growing into quite the beautiful young lady. She is doing awesome. Shane and I have also added an imaginary baby sister to our family. She is the one that gets into most the trouble at home. Imaginary baby sister attends dance class and we take her every where with us (even so much as too take her potty at times). Sooo..we are figuring it is about that time to add a sibling for Jaili to our family. We have actually been talking about it for about a year now so I'm sure little bird heard that and decided to have her own baby sister. Hopefully in the near future you will be hearing about another little one in the family. We are waiting to see where God leads us in all of this.
Jaili has already begun to ask some questions about the nanny's and the orphanage, which I didn't expect this young, but she is very smart and perceptive. We are open about everything and show her pictures and she seems to understand it pretty well. The only thing residual that we have noticed is that at times she gets afraid that we will leave her... this is mostly at night and mostly just that mommy will leave. We constantly reassure her that she is with us forever and that we will never leave her.
Jaili girl is the light of our lives. She is growing so much and I look at her and think.."what happened to my baby?" Time goes by so fast.
She has a fantastic sense of humor and some great sarcasm, but then again would anyone expect less with Shane and I. She told me the other day that she couldn't finish her peanut butter and Jelly becuase she "had no mouth". I told her that was pretty interesting considering if must have just fallen off but she would have to find it and eat 3 more bites anyway.
Anywho, needless to say she is one AWESOME kid and I will try to update stuff more frequently.
Take care everyone,
Angel, Shane and Jaili


the Pruett's said...

LOVE the kitchen set! So cool!!


Yoli said...

What lovely child!