Friday, August 07, 2009

Adoption Cost info

We have received alot of questions lately about adopting a special needs child from China and about the adoption process in general. I thought I would go ahead a post what our experience has been with the adoption process in general and next week will post information on special needs adoption.
One of the first questions people ask is "Why is it so expensive". Here is the basic layout for cost of adoption with Holt International through China.
1. First you have the application fee which is $300.00 (Since Shane and I have already adopted once with Holt through China this fee was waived for us). At this point Holt reviews everything. lets you know that it is approved and sends you the China book and a whole lot of info to fill out.
2. The next fee is for the homestudy. It is between $2500.00-$2900.00 After your homestudy is approved you then pay the for your immigration paperwork with the US government and your dossier fee.
3. The immigration paperwork is $670 plus $160 to be fingerprinted federally. The dossier is the collection of paperwork that you have been gathering to send to China. This is what China will review before you can adopt. The dossier fee is $3000.00.
4. Along with the agency fees you also need to take into account the fees for ordering you birth and marriage certificates, having all of your documents certified at the state level and then authenticated. These fees are approx. $550.00 You also
need to add for any classes you need to take to meet the requirements Oregon has before adopting (which is 10 hours currently) This will be approx.$180.00
5. Once you have been matched with your child you will pay the adoption or country fee which for China is $11,360 (included in this amount is the mandatory donation to the orphanage of $5000)
6. The comes the travel expenses which can range depending on how many people are going, how long you stay, etc. We are estimating approx $8000-$10,000. You will be in China for approx. 17 days. The travel cost covers everything while you are there including in country flights between different provinces depending on where your child is.
7. After you are home you will pay a post placement fee between $1200-$1400.
8. You will then have to apply for readoption within the state of Oregon. This is not mandatory but will make it easier for your child. This is when your child will get an Oregon birth certificate. If you do it yourself the fee is approx $300.00. If you have a lawyer do it for you the fee is approx. $950.00
There are variations to the costs. For example you can get a fee reduction depending on the special needs of your child and since Shane and I are a returning family we got a fee reduction on our homestudy and dossier fee also.
So all total we are looking at approximately $24,680.00 from start to finish. There are various ways to help with this amount. For Jaili girl's adoption we saved, had generous donations from friends and family, received a grant from Show Hope for $3000.00 and took out a home equity loan for the rest. For baby #2 we don't have the option of the home equity loan this time so we are applying for all the grants we can, doing different fundraiser options, saving like crazy and have already had a few wonderful donations from friends and one of my clients. Shane and I would not be able to do this if we did not have the support of our family and friends helping us. Whether it's by having a tupperware party, donating things for the auction, donating money for the adoption fund or donating their time. It's the kindness of so many that allow Shane and I to bring our children home. Children that desperately need to have love, a home, siblings, family, parents. All the basic things that every child deserves but so many are denied in this world. If we can provide this love to even just a few it will make a huge difference not only in their lives but in ours and everyone these beautiful children touch. Shane and I have been enormously blessed to have had God choose us to build our family this way. Alot of times people say "oh how wonderful. Your kids are so lucky, so blessed" but it is Shane and I who are blessed and lucky to be able to share our lives with such truly amazing children, our children.
If you are considering opening your heart to one of the millions of children around the world that are in need of a loving home please contact Holt International. I have a link on the blog that will take you directly to their website.
Oh yea, that is our little bird on the cover of the Holt magazing in the picture : )

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