Friday, December 08, 2006


We have finally arrived after almost 24 hours of traveling to Beijing. The trip was pretty good. Airplanes are never comfortable but that is to be expected. China is fantastic so far. Shane and I were able to sleep from about 11:00 last night until 7:00 this morning. Jet lag hasn't been to bad. We are both very tired now but are making ourselves stay awake. Today we took a tour to the Summer palace and the Forbidden City. Both were absolutely amazing. There is such beauty and culture here in China. Just looking at everything it is incredible to see the amount of artistic talent and labor went into these beautiful places. Our tour was a private one because there are no other families going on them at this time so we were chauffered around and Sherri our tour guide took us everywhere. We then ate lunch at a traditional sichuan chinese restaurant and the food was amazing!!! America has it so wrong!! The food here doesn't even taste the same as our "chinese". Thank goodness for our guide because we would be so lost without her. No one in the restaurant spoke english so we had some fun trying to find the bathroom thank goodnes for hand signals (speaking of bathroom I have now mastered the "squatty potty", no toilet paper in most though so that was slightly disturbing). We posted all of our pictures on so check them out. That's all for now. Brain is not working that great. I NEED SLEEP!!!


MarylandMommy said...

I'm here from Mary's blog! Congrats to you & your hubby! Have a great trip meeting your daughter! She is absolutely beautiful!

We have a son (4 1/2) from Korea & we were just united with our daughter (7 months) from Korea. Life is GRAND!!!

I will be back to follow your journey! May GOD BLESS YOU!!!

B-Banshee said...

Congratulations on making it to China! It looks so cold in Beijing. We were there only about 4 weeks ago, and it looks so much colder in your photos now. I am happy to see that you did some extra tours at the beginning of the trip...we did as well, and are so happy we did. Soak in as much as you can, take way more pictures that you think you will ever want, and keep everything you can for a memory book later (yes, even silly little store or taxi receipts, newspapers, etc). We will be following your journey and reliving a wonderful time in our lives.
Bailey, Travis, & Liliana
Holt (bbanshe)

Rhonda said...

So glad to see you made it safe and sound. I LOVE the tired Tokyo photo! Brings back many memories! Enjoy your tours and absorbing the culture. Just a few more days until she is in your arms! Yippee!
Rhonda (Holt)

Gretchen said...

Hi you don't know me, but I wanted to say congrats. My brother adopted a girl from China also. God is great

joy said...

Hi children, we are so happy for you and glad you cleared the ocean, china lokks amazing, and clean!!!! Can't wait to see granddaughter and for her to have the loving home she deserves, too bad its taken so long.. We love and miss you two,speedy trip home home to us Mom and Dad

Nathan & Emily's Mommy (Mary) said...

I can't wait to see your family complete with Jaili