Sunday, December 17, 2006

Free Day!!

The last several days have been free days for us and it has been so nice. Shane and I have done entirely to much shopping for everyone for Christmas but we think we have it covered so far. (We are beginning to hate going down the street and be harrassed by the shopkeepers). Guangzhou is absolutely beautiful. The weather has been great. There is a gorgeous courtyard just down from the White Swan with that Shane and I like to hang out and just relax and watch people. Jaili has been doing great. We don't think she feels very well today becuase she has done so much sleeping and hasn't been as happy. She has developed a rash on her face, chest and back that everyone assumes is excema, we will have her checked out completely when we get home. She is such a little tropper though. Today one of the shop keepers tried to hold her and she did o.k. for about 30 sec and then looked over to me and started to cry. Momma had to hold her, she wasn't up for anyone except for Shane or me holding her today. She is sleeping right now also. She's eating very well though so that is a good thing. Tomorrow we have the red couch picture and the medical appointment for her visa. We are almost home and can't wait for everyone to meet our beautiful and wonderful daughter.


joy said...

The count down is on!!!! I have shown Jaili"s pic to ANYONE that will look, seriuosly total strangers and I will say " Hey want to see my granddaughter!!! The same comments "she is so beautiful" (cause she is) Angel getting tired of shopping???unheard of, Glad everything is going so well, I really miss you a ton, hurry up 12/23/06, I love you, taken care Mom

SaraT said...

Ben and I went shopping last night and it is soooo hard not buying everything in sight for our honorary niece. Pink things galore! But...we think we found the perfect gift for her to remember us year after year. Ben is already hoping we will be ready to adopt our own princess when you two go back for your next child!
:-) Anyway, we miss you. Buddy is great and quite the agressive lover since you two left. He misses you also. House is fine. Can't wait to meet your daughter..Love, Sara and Ben xoxoxo

joy said...

Just FYI, remember Nana has dibs on the pricess line !!! Love you guys Mom