Sunday, December 10, 2006

China is AMAZING!!!!

What can I say about China but AWE INSPIRING!!! Beijing is so fantastic. The people are so nice, the history is amazing and we love it here. It is a totally different way of life here. It is so safe. You can go out late at night and you don't have to worry at all about someone trying to hurt you or do something to you. The people are so active also, everyone is out and about riding bikes, playing music in parks it is great! We went to the Great Wall yesterday and there are no words to describe the beauty and history of it. Truly amazing. It was about 27 degrees outside but with the wind chill it was about 0 degrees. The wind would rip tight through you, but as long as you kept trucking up the steps you kept pretty warm. The view was breathtaking, it is so hard to put into words the greatness of it. It was something in my life I never thought I would experience and to be there was truly one of the greatest experiences of my life. We also went to the cloisonne factory afterward and had a scrumptious meal there. We got to see how the cloisonne vases and jewelry were made. I purchased a few goodies to bring home. Shane and I have absolutely fallen in love with China! If anyone ever gets the chance to experience this country you should most definately go. Truly life changing!!!

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joy said...

Angel and Shane:
She is almost as beautiful as "my baby girl"!!!(no matter how old she gets she will ALWAYS be your little girl!remember that).I am so happy Jaili is doing so well and you are so happy. You will be wonderful parents and it is a blessing for both you and our precious little Jaili. It was wonderful hearing your voice today, will talk see, Keep the pics coming and hurry home to us. ALso am abit concerned "Mom " is not feeling well!? call your MOM anytime you know, WE love our little family and can"t wait to be with you. Hugs and Kisses Love you Mom