Thursday, December 14, 2006

Jaili Girl

So I had to post and say what a truly fantastic daughter we have (no I'm not biased at all). After the orphanage visit yesterday it was like someone flipped a switch and we have a baby that is bonding with us. She was very attentive with us at the orphanage and as soon as we got in the van to come back to the White Swan we had laughy happy baby girl (which she WAS NOT at the orphanage) We had an almost 4 hour ride home and she played and laughed with us the whole time. We think that God just let her know and she feels that she is HOME! She is so funny. She likes to get us laughing also. God has blessed us with such a great baby. She eats awesome(except watermelon), sleeps fantastically ( nap a day and slept from 8-7 last night).She not fond of strangers holding her alot but loves to look at people and play with them as long as we are right there or holding her. Breakfast is her favorite. We had bananas this morning and she thought those were pretty fantastic. She is at the beginning of the bonding process where she does NOT want us to put her down. She likes to be able to see both of us and she does not like to feel like she is alone. She's going to the bathroom normally now (yeah!!). Her favorite thing's to play with so far are the lid to a water bottle and the empty water bottle so she can bang the 2 together. She definatley likes drumming type things, music and those little rings that you hook together (which we don't have, she keeps stealing them from Kate, John and Kristi's daughter) Anywho, just wanted to let everyone know that she is AMAZING! and we are blessed beyond belief. The picture is of her on the bus ride home yesterday. I posted more on flickr also. Take Care


B-Banshee said...

She is so absolutely adorable. I am loving following your story. I takes be one month ago! I laughed about the watermelon. Our daughter disliked watermelon so much that she threw it all up on my mother-in-law. All over! Too funny. I cannot wait to hear more about your adventures in China. Enjoy, and continue to take tons of photos.
Bailey (Holt bb)

Nathan & Emily's Mommy (Mary) said...

I too am enjoying your journey...keeps the pictures coming!

SaraT said...

We are so happy for all three of you. she is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! Ben and I cannot wait to meet the littlest angel. We hope Angel is feeling better! Love you guys!!Sara xoxo

joy said...

Angel, She is the most beautiful "Christmas Angel" I have ever seen. Counting the days til you are home. Miss and love you guys so very much. You are right there is Always a plan,it sometimes just takes time to "figure"it out,(which you have done so perfectly, am so proud of you!!)and parenthood is the most precious gift of all.Remember no matter how old JAili is she will ALways be "your baby girl" as you are ours!!! WE love and miss you very very much!!! 6.5 more days!!!
Love you Mom and Dad