Tuesday, May 25, 2010

We are home

So I apologize for not posting sooner. I was having issues in China. Everytime I tried to send a post to blogger it kept saying file to large (not matter how big it was). Anywho, Evie is doing better. We measure time now in small moments instead of days. We had several good moments in China. Mostly screaming at me but a few great things that kept me going. She let me hold her while only screaming for a a while and then settling down. She also kind of gave up while I carried her in the ergo (screamed for about 30-45 min) and then fell asleep. She also let out some anger and bit and pinched me...seemed to make her feel better and me in pain (only alittle bit though). She also screams incessantly upon waking when she looks at me. It's AWESOME!!!
She has been significantly better since we have gotten home though. Although she still prefers Shane  A LOT, I'm able to hold her more  without constant screaming and she has given me about 5 spontaneous kisses. Last night, though she still screams when looking at me, put her bum against me while she was trying to go to sleep. She also babbles constantly now and seems to be much happier since we have gotten home. She is a little clown, loves to get reactions from people. She also adores singing, which is adorable. Jaili has taken the big sister role very seriously, helping with everything. She is a little mommy.
We went to Hong Kong disneyland on the way home, which was so much fun. I'm really glad to be home without people taking pictures of Evie and us. It was ridiculous the entire time we were in China. We could not stop for more than 10 seconds without having a swarm of people around us, picking Evie up and taking constant pictures. It got very annoying. People were very nice, but come on. I felt like we were the sideshow. People would literally pass Evie along to have their picture taken with her. At disneyland I had to hide in the shadows on the side of a building with Evie in the stroller while Shane, Jaili and Shannon were in the bathroom, just so I wouldn't be bothered by people.
Needless to say we are extremely glad to be home. I'll post more later. We have family here and I need to go be social. Post more pictures later.


"T" said...

wow screaming at you! That is AWESOME. Wish my kid would have done that. LOL. Glad your home glad you still have a sense of humor. She is a beautiful child and so tiny wow. Mine was like this giant Blond Chinese chick. So blogger did not work even emailing your post? I want an answer to my question... NOW! I dont care that you just got home. No I dont.

"T" said...

Oh and now that you have seen her in real life Don't you just love her hair color and the eyes and the pretty pretty skin. I dont know about your baby but mine had real corse hair and very dry skin and pinky/purple eyes but after we got her home they became very blue only pink/purple when she is tired and in some lights. And hair products really made her hair so soft (and of you have all kind of access to those) and I just used baby lotion on her skin and a healthy diet and she is so soft and pretty now. I just love to touch her. Good thing she did not have any sensory issue:)

Myya said...

Soooo happy you guys are home safely & yippee that things are better & better each day. You guys have the best sense of humor & easy going personalities that I'm sure in no time at all the not so fun stuff will all be only a distant memory. Evie is a cutie! I love the name too!!! Congratulations "M" family! (didn't want to say your name just in case you didn't want it said ya know : )

Noah, Isabel, Emma and Jake said...

She is ADORABLE!! Im so happy for you guys! I hope she gets more comfortable with you. But Im sure she's getting there but slowly. Good luck and you guys have two BEAUTIFUL girls :)