Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Small Miracle!

Yesterday a small miracle occurred. Evie actually wanted me to hold her most of the evening. She went to me right before we were going to the store and stayed in my arms the entire time. She was sooo sweet. It was so nice to actually comfort my child for the first time and not have her scream like a banshee when I'm within 5 feet of her. This morning it was back to the usual though, screamed like she saw the devil himself as soon as she opened her eyes and looked at me beside her. It's really cool that I elicit such emotion from my child, I should feel privileged, not every parent can say that there child literally runs screaming from them for no apparent reason. (I'm hoping everyone gets the sarcasm and humor in the above statement). We went into the salon today to cut Jaili's hair (oh yea, btw she looks ADORABLE, little aline haircut) Anywho, Evie did really well then too. She again wanted me to hold her. One of the clients of a friend that I work with was asking questions about Evie and goes "Wow, so you've had her for almost 3 weeks and she is already so attached and adjusted" I laughed hysterically and told her she had no idea, she was seeing a rare moment with Evie and I at the time. This evening was lots of fun with Evie too. For about another 2 hours I was screamed at because I had the audacity to change her diaper and then try to soothe her while Shane was mowing the lawn. I did have a little victory with it though. She called me momma and gave me a kiss right before I handed her to Shane (she refuses to call me momma 99.9% of the time, everything except me is momma to her). I can not explain the sense of happiness I felt when she looked at me and said momma. I have to admit my competitive side was there too and I secretly (or not so secret)wanted to do a dance and sing... I won, I won, Ha HA HA I WON!!!.....this round. ( you also have to envision a 4th graders voice proudly singing this at the top of her lungs)...yep that's me. I'm not too proud to admit it. That little girl truly amazes me by her stubbornness and I have to say I admire her for it. You go girl! She's a fighter and I Love that about her. Not at all fun for me right now but she will need that fire as she gets older. She will have things to overcome and with the tenacity that she shows she will have no problem accomplishing anything. She is one funny, spicy, stubborn kid and I'm happy to say that she is all ours. God has blessed is with 2 very different yet perfectly wonderful children. Jaili has a sweetness and gentleness that would melt even the hardest heart and Evie has such passion and fire (so far) that you know nothing will stop her when she sets her mind to it.

On a side note, here are some of the few things that I 've learned so far about having a sight impaired child:

1. You get hit A LOT. Depth perception is not great so when she's excited and the arms flail about. You need to be on guard so you don't lose an eye.
2.  Don't freak out about the minor bumps. She hits her head on EVERYTHING. She bends down to look at something, comes up and crack right on the head.
3. Not to gasp at every bump or fall. She runs into walls quite a bit right now, bounces and then goes about her way.  She is one tough cookie.
4. There is no containing things in containers. Every item (food, toys, etc) that we try to put in little bowls or containers all get dumped out. She can't see things clearly unless they are about 3 in from her face so EVERYTHING gets dumped out and examined. Needless to say our dog is really happy.

There's also more but I'm tired and going to bed. Ok not going to bed but stopping to write so I can focus all my attention on Bear Gryls right now, the drool is beginning to pool. : )

On a serious note my heart breaks for Evie everyday. I can only imagine the kind of pain that she has been experiencing through out this entire process. It has been extremely difficult on all of us, especially Evie. I know God will heal her heart. I pray that she is comforted and she knows how much all of us truly love her. Continued prayers would be very appreciated it.


Anonymous said...

Hi Angel, glad to hear have been some more positive moments in amongst the hard are doing so well and it's nice to see you are keeping hold of your sense of humor! And good for you to get a momma and a kiss from your baby. Both she and big sis are absolute beauties btw, love the picture of them in matching dresses!

V. interesting to hear about how Evie's sight impairment is affecting her, I hope that her development and growth can start to catch up a bit now she is home with you, keep us updated.

Stay strong and hope Bear Grylls provided a bit of distraction ;-)

love from Wai Ling in UK x

Liz said...

Great job on hanging in there. God is truly giving you strength through this process. Prayed for you.

"T" said...

Okay I am so jealous of you right now. You have a kid the screams at you and stuff and I just have this boring loving child that gives me hugs and kisses whenever I want. What The crap! Oh And I'm sorry but Bear is Mine girlfriend. I only watch the shoes where he has to cross the water. Cause we dont want to get our clothes wet do we Bear. LOL just kidden I watch all of them I'm really into nature:)

Troy Olson said...

Sounds like things are going well. Glad to see Evie is starting to acclimate to home (and to you) :)

I totally understand about the competitiveness you speak of -- I kind of have had some of those same feelings thus far :P

Look forward to seeing you guys sometime soon. Take care.

Noah, Isabel, Emma and Jake said...

How exciting that she called you Mamma! I can see you doing that dance :)
Im glad that it's starting to get a tad easier for you. So Shane home now or finishing up school for the year? I really enjoy reading your blogs and I also enjoy your pics. Keep up the blogs and the pics of the beautful girl :) We also have a family blog its


Paul and Karin said...

How exciting to hear that Evie is doing better!!!!!!!!!! She's so precious! She's very blessed to have you guys as parents! :0)

Harp Mama said...

Our prayers are on their way to God for your family and Evie right now.

Thanks so much for continuing to share your journey. Our daughter who is still in China is sight impaired too but in a different way. She is 3 years 7 months and has only had glasses for about 6 months but really needed them the whole time. We are grateful she has them now but she will have much more to come related to her sight. It is helpful to us to hear how things are at your house.

Thank you and continued luck and love.

Collene kennedy said...

I'm wondering if MIss Evie and our little Miss Daisy made a pact in China to find the perfect moment to scream at their mother's a piercing scream so high and shrill it would make the hair of a grisly beast stand on end!

Daisy is a delight most of the day and very much attached like velcro to me ... but let me tell you, as I search for a nighttime routine, all I can say is think of yours truly, your White Swan neighbor and the endless screams of our Child!

It's like trying to find a picture on an old tellyvision... I'm tuning and fine tuning and moving the rabbit ears to see if I can find the clarity!

I'm so with ya' sistah even if my screams are only at night!