Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Finally pictures!!!

I have no idea how to lay these out so they look good on the page!! Seriously annoying but anyhow here's photo's finally. Technologically I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer, brightest candle in the box, whatever the saying is. So hence why it took so long for me to manage to get these pictures of the camera and on the blog. I'll try and get pictures of Eves with no glasses on tomorrow so you can see her beautiful peepers. She has been doing out standing the past few days. Even comes to me to "check in" during play time. I've also been getting lots of hugs and kisses through out the day. She had to have blood drawn today and in the middle of her crying she looks up to me to give me a kiss and then goes on crying. Poor little sweet pea. She did awesome though. Since we have come home she has really blossomed. We've had a few setbacks, as to be expected, but overall I've been pleasantly surprised and amazed at how well she has been doing. She is such a great kid and such a blessing to our family. She adores her big sister, which is something big sister is still getting used to. I honestly can't believe the transformation we've had with her. She is a different kid than 3 weeks ago, her personality comes out more and more everyday. I do go back to work part time next week (2 days a week) so I'm really scared that we are going to have setbacks. We are praying for God's hand on everything. It will all work, I'm just stressing about it. If we do have setbacks at least I can modify my schedule to work around her (the joys of being self-employed) Anywho, enjoy the pictures.

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"T" said...

Your girls look soooo cute. I love the one with their daddy:)