Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I apologize for not updating much. Honestly I hate being on the computer for longer than 10 min (unless it's shopping  : )  )  So , Eves has been doing absolutely amazing  She is such a happy kiddo. She actually walks around the house singing "Hap Py" (she turns it into 2 different words) Her motor skills are incredibly good, which is amazing because her sight isn't. She is ahead of development and is extremely coordinated. Her language is also going really well. Some things are still in Chinglish (I love you is, I ni ni) and lots of other random things we get about 25% of but on the whole we understand most of what she is talking about. So sort of like the average 2 year old : )  She has the biggest personality ever. Constantly making people laugh, which in turn makes her laugh. Eves and Jaili are also starting to play which I LOVE watching the  2 of them running through the house giggling. It's awesome.
We had to reschedule her eye surgery because she got a double ear infection,so now it is for Dec 9th to align her eyes and slow down her nystagmus. At the last eye appt she did fantastic and they now estimate her vision to be in the 20/200 range with glasses instead of the 20/700 range. I will be interested to see as she gets older what it truly is. The only time we notice she has an issue is definitely with depth perception ( still wacks her head on lots of stuff and falls off the steps, deck, curb, etc) As for her day to day stuff she just cruises right along. It doesn't stop her in the least. She is certainly our dare devil.
When I think of everything that she has gone through and to see how much she has changed just astounds me. Jaili changed alot also but her transition was much easier. She was younger and in an orphanage. Jaili also attached differently to us. Jaili was more internal with her feelings Evie is MUCH more external.  When we first got Eves I was in shock, I thought maybe we had made a mistake. It was so very difficult. She was grieving very hard for her foster mother and was not about to make friends with us in any way what so ever. I never felt this way with Jaili. I think I assumed that I would feel the same for both kiddos. It has taken me awhile to realize I don't have to feel the same. I feel differently about the 2 of the them. No less or No more just different. I Love them for their differences now. I have 2 kids that are polar opposites and are both the most wonderful, beautiful and exceptional children in the world  ; )   6 months later Evie has added so much love to our family. She is a little spit fire. I know that God picked her just like he picked Jaili to be our child. I can't imagine our lives without her in them.

Anywho, I'll try to post a video of Eves dancing (which is her favorite) and more pictures of our little lovelies!!!

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