Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Eves talking

So this is my 2nd  attempt at a video with Eves. she is. Oh and the scab under her nose is from taking a header off the sandbox into a landscaping brick. Another unfortunate side effect of not much depth perception. She's a trooper though, a few tears and then back to playing again : ) I'll try and post a video of Eves and Jaili bird next.


Myya said...

Ohhhh my gosh that was the cutest thing EVER! I love the fast dance! She.Is.A.Doll!!!

Collene kennedy said...

Toooooo adorable!!!! I have been wondering about you guys! How old is Eves???? She sounds like she knows the same words as Miss Daisy! iTouch is one of her most clearest!
Mwwaaahhh! to your girlies from my girlies!
(Gianna n' Daisy!)