Friday, July 06, 2007

Our baby is turning into a little girl!

So yeah, yeah I know it took me FOREVER to update the blog. Unfortunately it hasn't been a priority.... but I am FINALLY doing it. Baby girl is sleeping so it's the perfect time.

What can I say about our little miracle only that she is got to be the most awesome baby in the world!! ( O.k. so I am a bit biased) It is hard to come up with the words that adequatley display the level of love, joy, excitement and amazement that we feel for our tiny beauty. We forget that we adopted her and she didn't come from us. I almost get offended when people ask if she's adopted or ask where we adopted her from. My first thought at times is " why would you think she's adopted?" Then I remember, Oh yeah she doesn't look like us. Shane and I have lost that fact though. When we see her I think she looks just like us. She has so many of our personality traits. She is ours through and through. She is becoming more and more beautiful everyday. Her personality and love of life shines through her eyes... they are so bright and happy. She is a constant source of entertainment. She is talking up a storm. We can understand some of what she says.. mostly just lots of babble, looks of irritation when we don't understand and lots of attitude ( mostly good). She will walk around the house sort of singing the word happy over and over. She has the tiniest little voice. She is growing great also, still on the small side but what do you expect she 's cantonese. Her attachment has been fanastic! Very attached to both Shane and I. She is a constant source of motion (like her Dad). Never sitting still for very long. She says clearly about 20 words now ( when I say clearly I mean that Shane and I can understand her) As for words other people can understand that's about 10. She has about 10 signs down also. She learns so fast. We show her about 3-4 times and she has it. She is crazy quick and smart when figuring things out. She loves to take things apart and figure out how they work (also like her Dad). She's also quite girly..loves make-up, shoes and purses. Everytime I put lip gloss on now she looks at me and goes "OOOOO" in this little high voice to let me know that she would like to put on lip gloss also. It starts so early. Her favorite toys are cars, balls and stuffed dogs. She also LOVES books. We read "Hop on Pop" Dr. Suess everyday. She will go get her book, hand it to us and go "Pop Pop". I think I may have the majority of the book memorized by this point.

When I look at Jaili and realize how blessed Shane and I are it just confirms everything I know about the love that Jesus has for us. Jaili is our reminder of that everyday. God is the only explaination for such an amazing bond that we have with our sweet baby girl. She was formed by him for us to love and guide through life and for that I am so thankful. Everyday I'm amazed that he chose us to be her parents... It is just so hard to believe.I feel I am one of the wealthiest people in the world to be blessed with such a wonderful family. It also confirms that bonds are not made in the womb... they are made by God before we were even born. He is the creator of us all.

Here are some new pictures of our JJ! Isn't she the greatest!!!! I'll post more when the mood strikes. Take care everyone...Oh and could someone post a comment so I know people are still reading this. If not many are I won't worry about posting very often. Hope everyone is fantastic!

Love to you all

Angel, Shane and Jaili


beckithenurse said...

Thanks for FINALLY posting!!! Heehhehe. She is so beautiful. You are so blessed. She is so blessed to have found such wonderful parents also. Hope you are all staying cool.

joy said...

Yes, she is the "light" in alot of our lives and we totally adore and
love her as well. Everytime I see her she is such a "Joy"!! Ha,ha, I totally love and adore her mom too and it is so beautiful to have my "little girl" feeling the love and adoration for her child, I love you very much!! Remember daughters(and sons) are forever, and yes I do read your blog Nana aka MOM

The Walter Family said...

I loved your post!!! We will often look at our girls and say...."do you think they look Asian??"
Jaili is just beautiful!! I love seeing her pictures!!!
Becky aka huskermom

Mel said...

I had such a fun visit with my grandaughter yesterday. She is so much fun. She is such a beautiful little girl. I love her so much. She has great and wonderful parents. I am blessed to be a grandfather. Dad