Saturday, April 14, 2007

She's MOBILE!!!

We were trying to get a new family photo but the sun was so bright our eyes were burning, Check out our little diva, Jaili girl and baba havin some fun on the swing, picking some flowers in the yard.
Jaili girl is up and cruising around everywhere. She started walking on her own about 2 weeks ago and is just about running now. It is adorable. She is so stinkin cute. She has become this incredibly big flirt also (which scares me and her dad immensly....yipes stripes... very cute now but at 13 I REALLY don't want to deal with that.) Life has been thankfully very routine around here. Jaili and I are home together most of the time and Shane is loving his job. It 's been really fantastic being able to only work my 16 hours a week. I love spending the day with Jaili girl. She is just a kick in the pants. That kid makes Shane and me laugh all the time, she has the most amazing personality. She is just our little miracle. It is creepy how much like Shane and me she is. I believe she also gets more and more beautiful everyday. She has been having some "fun" testing us lately. We've instituted time outs now....I think she is starting to get it, at least I hope. Friday she was especially feisty, I guess throwing cat food across the dining room is great fun for a 1 year old (not great fun for mom). I'm assuming that she will probably be a feisty and active one for many years to come yet, but then again look at Shane and I. Would you expect any other kind of kid for us? I can't complain she may be active but she is a very good girl 95% of the time.

Easter went well. She discovered that treats were inside the eggs so of course every single one of them had to be opened. She also made $13 from the egg hunt. That's my girl (momma only made $2). She also got some great treats from the easter bunny and the grandma/nana easter bunnies. She slept through the entire church service so Shane and I both got to listen for a change.

One of the new things she has started doing is mimicking alot of things that Shane and I do. With me she has started combing her hair in the mirror when I do my hair and she also has to carry her purse around the house with kittie and lovey in it. Oh and to Momma's happiness, my girl loves SHOES!!! YEA! I have a shopping bud which doesn't thrill Shane. He keeps trying to tell her that shopping is evil. I tell her to close her ears baba doesn't know what he is saying.

She is still a total daddy's girl though. With Shane she makes the funniest faces trying to copy baba and he has also taught her some interesting noises. It is so cute just to see the 2 of them playing together. Shane's eyes are just filled with amazement and joy everytime he looks at her. She is going to have him completely wrapped around her finger (as if she doesn't already). Our little one does not suffer from a lack of attention or love anymore. I'm sure she just wants to tell me to stop mauling her all the time. I just can't help myself, she is so stinkin loveable I just have kiss on her cheeks, lips, face, hands etc everytime I hold her. I just want to eat her up.

She has a some stomach issues lately though that have me alittle concerned. She is one of the gassiest kids and the poor little one gets such pain at night. She only sleeps the entire night through maybe 2 times a week. We have her on acidopholus and I'm looking into some natural remedies for giardia. She has all of the symptoms for giardia so my dad is going to work up a program for her. I've asked the Dr. several times and he doesn't seem to think there is a problem and won't test her for giardia or other stomach parasites. Mom's instinct though tells me that there is something else going on. She is very sensitive to foods but I think it is more than that. Other than that she has been as healthy as a horse. No colds, flu's or anything. She had a pretty good fever about a week or so and Shane stayed home with her (of course she was sick on the on day that I work all day) but it was just because of her teething. She does have 7 teeth now and is trying to get yet another in.

Oh on another note, there is an adoptive family that received their daughter about 2 months before we got Jaili and they need lots of prayers and anything else people can provide. Their daughter has just had a heart transplant and their insurance is not going to cover her meds which are in the thousands of dollars every month. Their website is if you would check it out. They have a paypal account someone has set up for them for donations. If everyone could pray for this family that would be wonderful. I 've never met them just followed their journey online. Their daughter is alittle miracle and they will continue to be in our prayers.

Hope all is well with everyone. Take care and I'll write more later.



The Walter Family said...

Hi Angel and Shane... Becky here from the Holt web board (huskermom) Little Jaili is soooooo cute. She absolutely gets cuter every time I see her picture!!!
I just wanted to encourage you to insist on having her tested for giardia. Our little Mei Mei had it and really had no big symptoms that would have caused our Dr. to run the test on his own. Our Katie had it too when we brought her home and she had NO symptoms. These little ones get used to the critters in their systems sometimes but.... they are there.
Blessings to you!

beckithenurse said...

I AM SOOOOO IN NEED of an update and PICTURES!!!!