Tuesday, January 02, 2007

We are Home!

O.k. it has taken a bit to get into our routine but we are home and adjusted. Jaili had her 1st birthday party on the 30th. She wasn't sure about the cake at first but was lovin' it by the time we got her out of her high chair. The adjustment has been going pretty well. She definately bonded to Shane faster than to me but I expected that. We had a backslide once we got home. We had Shane's mom staying with us (thank goodness) to help us out. She was awesome but I think Jaili got confused about who was Momma and the one taking care of her. We went to me being the only one giving her bottles and just Shane and I holding her and she has swung back my way again. We tend to have boughts of her wanting to push me away, hitting in the face, etc. Each day is better than the previous and today I got a smile and laugh from her when I walked into the room and asked if she wanted Momma. It has been a great day today. It's amazing what a full night's rest for mom, dad and baby will do. She is getting over an ear infection and I think she is finally beginning to feel the best she has felt in a long time. The doctor here said that she has had the infection for a long time. We have another appointment next week and we will get all of her blood work checked out. She is one funny kid! Shane and I keep wondering where the days go. We know that we've done things but the time goes so quickly. She is just a joy to sit and watch play, sleep, whatever. We just love this little one so much. I don't know what we did in our lives before we had her. Anywho, I'll update more next week. Take Care everyone.


Nathan & Emily's Mommy said...

I'm so glad to see y'all home safely....I hope everyone is feeling better! I'm looking forward to see Jaili grow!

joy said...

I am not sure what baby you are talking about???The JAili I and your father saw KNOW exactly WHO her mommy is and Shane is playtime (which is how it is in a family,remember yourself, daddy was playtime) .She is a very bright little one,and bonded with you and Shane in China just in different ways. You worry way too much about this! Trust your instincts and Jaili"s.You are a fabulous mommy and we love you very,very much and are here for you,just call!!! Mom and Dad

joy said...

One more thing, Plz let other people hold and feed her !!!She"s not a puppy and will not follow someone else home. We would love to spend time with her and get to know our granddaugher too!!!! Mom