Sunday, January 24, 2010

Updates of June

 So here we are at 125 days waiting for our LOA (letter of approval) and still nothing yet. We hope to get in any day now. Holt let us know that we have been in the review department since Dec 24th and it usually takes anywhere from 1-2 months from then for LOA. We are praying we will get it soon to bring our little one home. Holt has been fantastic with everything and were able to get updates for us. We got one new picture of June and a little more information on her. It looks like she has strabismus (lazy eye) with one of her eyes so we will see what we need to do to help her with it when she comes home. Besides that it looks like she is doing well. She is currently 18.3 lbs and 28 inches tall. Similar in size to Jaili girl at the same age. It also says that she is able to walk while holding on to furniture now and can say ma ma and baba. I'm so happy to know that she is doing well but it also breaks my heart to know that she is having all these firsts and we are not there to share it with her. With the current time frame it looks like we will not be getting her until June or July. It makes me very sad that the whole thing is taking so much longer than we were wanting/thinking.
Jaili is so precious, she really can't wait until we bring home baby sister. She has her picture under her pillow and gives it a kiss at bedtime and tells it "I already love you so much baby sister".
 The holidays were wonderful this year, although it felt like we had a hole in our family because we were missing June. Jaili was so much fun. She was so excited for everything that it brought a whole new sense of awe to the holidays that I haven't had in many years. I can't wait to see both of the girls this next year.
Well, I'm hoping the next update will be one that I'm announcing that we've received our LOA!


Shirlee McCoy said...

Both your girls are beautiful.

tonya said...

l you beat us we were 115 days but some other people in our group were 125 - 150 days and they had know problems with their paperwork either. It really sucks but if you Go pick up June in June it's kinda a nice post Title or you can write a book about all the crap you had to go through to get June in June. I Love the new pic... As I understand it the eye thing aint no big thang. Hey if you get to go in May you gonna change her name to may or if april then april. Just kidden. Also so glad to hear she is saying a few words. Sounds like she not to far off track if any.

Bailey said...

We are praying for you over here. We were logged-in just one week after you, so it was nice to hear that you were in the review room one month ago. I will be keeping my fingers crossed that your LOA comes quickly now. {{{Hugs}}}