Tuesday, February 06, 2007

God is Good!!!

Letting Jaili out of her kennel and the family at the Alamo

O.k. first Jaili was just checking out Mila's kennel. She doesn't really stay in the kennel (only at bedtime)HA HA just kidding anywho, it has taken me a bit to update (I don't want to spend time on the computer when our pesky pants is up and about) but we have had a wonderful past few weeks! Jaili is adjusting miraculously! She is bonding fantastic with both Shane and me. She is one funny goofy kid who loves to be the center of attention. For those of you who don't know Jaili was considered a waiting child when we received her referral. Her special need was that she tested positive for Hepatitis B. She was considered acute in July at the time of her referral. After doing research and praying we knew that Jaili was our daughter and the Hep B didn't matter to us. It would be manageable. During the research we found that their was a possibility that the Hep B could get worse and as she got older their would be a small chance of her needing a liver transplant. We planned on boosting her immune system with natural medicine and organic foods. We also learned that their was a 10% chance that her body could convert the Hep B and she would build a natural immunity to it and not have the Hep B at all. We had everyone praying for her but did not put this last scenario in our thoughts at all. Well 2 weeks ago we went to the Hep B and international adoption specialist at OHSU and after reviewing Jaili's current blood work and examing her we found out that she is our true miracle. Jaili is completely free of the Hep B. She is in the small percentage that was able to convert the disease. Our specialist said that Jaili is the first baby adopted from China with Hep B that she has personally ever seen that has converted. Shane and I are so very blessed. We know that we have a very rare adoption story and that things usually don't go as smoothly as this. God is so glorious and Jaili is such an enormous blessing in every way. We are planning on doing a waiting child adoption with all of our kids and already do not expect to have the same amazing results that we have had with Jaili. God knows the plan for us and we are so thrilled that he has healed our beautiful girl.
On another note we just back from San Antonio, Texas where we visited Jaili's auntie Shannon. She did so well! We were a little worried about the travel but she just rolls along with everything and was her usual pesky silly self. We went and saw the Alamo and had a wonderful time. Thank you so much everyone for all of your prayers!If anyone would like any info on Holt, special needs adoption, Hep B or whatever please email me. Shane and I are in complete awe of the beautiful children that God has made and there are so many that need wonderful families. Shane and I are so blessed that the Lord has led our lives to "special needs" adoption and just adoption in general. It is such a special journey and we are amazed everyday that we have been chosen to have our children this way. Hope everyone is well and love to you all.


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Nathan & Emily's Mommy said...

sorry we missed your visit!

Lesa said...

That is extreamly wonderful news about Jali's health.
I'm so happy for her and you.

Lesa Lambert