Tuesday, November 21, 2006

We are going to China!!!

We received the best news yesterday! Our travel approval to get our Jaili Joi!!! It is hard to put into words the excitement that Shane and I are feeling. We also received an email today that our tentative consulate appointment is for the 21st of Dec which means we would be leaving the 7th of Dec for Beijing and returning home on the 23rd of Dec. That is only about 2 weeks!!! YIPEE! We are almost there after such a long wait to have a baby. It seems unreal that in less than a month we will be holding OUR DAUGHTER. What a truly amazing and faith building experience this has been. It just proves that our God is wonderful and he has such an amazing plan for all of us in our lives!!! I just can't wait to be able to take care of our sweet pea and officially become a mom and Shane a dad!! Wow mom and dad (how weird). It's almost scary if I think about it too much. A baby girl to totally depend on us. Holy smokes!!! What a huge responsibility. I just rest in the fact that God has prepared us for her and he has had us picked to be her parents all along. What a blessing!!! Thank you everyone for sharing in our joy! It's been a fantastic and sometimes bumpy adventure ( and it's not even over yet) but I'm praying that it will only get better from here. Your parents are coming to get you Jaili Joi!!!!I pray that the Lord keep all of us safe and happy during these holidays and thank him so much for providing Shane and I with such a blessed life. Take care everyone, I'll keep updating when we get the updates.


SharonVS21 said...

Angel and Shane,

How absolutely wonderful that you will have Jaili Joi in your arms and home by Christmas and for her 1st birthday on December 30th!!! I am so happy for you!

Nathan & Emily's Mommy (Mary) said...

What awesome news...I've been praying that y'all would bring that sweet baby home for the holidays!! I'll continue to pray that y'all have safe travels!!!!

Lesa said...

Congratulations on getting to travel! It is so neat that you will be home before X-mas!
Lesa Lambert
LID June 19, 2006 for Mylie Camille